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Here's a complete guide on how to take care of HP's Android battery so that the battery life can last longer.


For you Android HP users, especially those who are used to installing and using many apps, batteries quickly run out of course become an obstacle, especially for those who do not have Powerbank (like Asaljeplak).

In dealing with it, the following will be Asaljeplak give proper guidance in caring for the HP Android battery so that its durability is maintained.

Checks Battery Use

First of all you have to do when your HP battery feels faster runs out, is check its usage statistics.

The trick is to swipe down on the main screen, then tap on the tooth-shaped icon to go to the Settings menu, then select the Battery menu.

The first view is just general usage statistics, then select the Battery Usage menu to see the details of battery usage and find out which applications are the most wasteful with the battery.

For Android users Marshmellow, Nougat, and Oreo, there is a menu to optimize battery usage by tap menu more in the upper right corner and select Optimize battery usage. There you can enable battery optimization on every application.

Another alternative is to use the Power saving menu contained in the Battery menu whose function is to limit a number of applications in using power so that battery usage will be more efficient.

Turn off Bluetooth connection, Wireless, Mobile data, and more

Probably this is the most commonly known thing for a long time, where you turn off features that are not being used to save battery usage.

The Wireless, Bluetooth, Mobile data, NFC, GPS feature will only consume battery power when it is not in use so you need to activate it only when it is needed.

Although this method has been so anticipated by Google that it hardly has any effect on modern devices, but it still does not hurt to do it.

Sync and Notification

Notifications of installed applications also affect battery usage. You can manage which applications can send notifications via the Settings menu> Notification.

Next is the Sync menu which can also greatly drain your battery power. Set any application that can perform Auto-sync through the Settings menu> Account.

Use Application Greenify

Up to the time this article was published, Greenify is still one of the best apps in terms of saving battery usage for both root and non root devices.

This app can make an apps go into hibernation mode safely so it will not consume power even if it is not used.

How to use the Greenify app is very easy. If you use a non-rooted handset, you must give Greenify additional permissions.

After clicking the "ZZZ" button, a popup will appear at the bottom to request access permission to the Accessibility setting. Click the button to go directly to the Accessibility menu, then select "Greenify – Automatic Hibernation."

There is an explanation as to why the service is enabled here, then click toggle in the top bar. A warning will appear, press "OK" to confirm. After that, you can go back to the Greenify app.

On a rooted handset, everything will happen automatically so you no longer need to grant Accessibility access.

Do not Put HP on Extreme Temperature

One of the old methods that still prevails today, ie do not put the smartphone device in extreme temperatures (too hot OR too cold) to keep the battery durable.

Task Killer's Application is Dangerous

The task killer app is an easy way to shut down a running app, but by doing so you will damage the Android system's balance that will be harmful in the long run.

The previously mentioned Greenify app is not a task killer app like the others because they are more thoughtful in managing apps running in the background and not just shutting down by force.

"Battery must be spent occasionally" it Myth

This method applies only to batteries generation before lithium ion, and not to lithium ion batteries that are widely used today.

What to do? The general rule is to keep the battery to stay above 20% at all times and if it can always charge when the battery is at 40% to 70%.

Such is the guide in saving your HP Android battery, and if after following the battery methods you remain wasteful, chances are already leaked on your battery.