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For those of you who want to print (print) a list of the folders and files on a Windows-based computer or laptop with ease, follow these guidelines.

In some cases, there are times when you want to print all the folders along with the files that are in a directory. Some of these methods you can try to do that.

1. Through Command Prompt

To print a list of files and folders via a command prompt, follow these easy steps:

  • Press the window key (win) + R
  • Type “cmd” then hit enter
  • Navigate to the directory you want to print
  • type dir> gantisesukamu.txt then hit enter
  • Open the file “gantisesukamu.txt” via windows explorer, it shows that all the list of files and folders have been printed in txt format.


To redirect to the destination directory of CMD alias Command prompt for you who do not or do not know how, the tips are as follows:

  • Type “cd ” without quotation to go to the main directory, eg C :, D :, E:
  • Type “C:”, “D:”, “E:” or whatever your drive letter is to move directly to that drive.
  • Type “cd filefolder” to open a folder in the current drive.

So for example here, for example the directory you want to print is located on drive E and inside the PHOTO folder, the first thing to do when opening CMD in the above way is:

  • By default you will be placed in the directory C: Users Username
  • Type E:
  • Type cd FOTO
  • Type dir> gantisesukamu.txt

Or any other way:

  • Type cd / d E: FOTO
  • Type dir> gantisesukamu.txt

2. Added new menu when right click

Right-click menu, also called Contextual Menu, you can add new menu in it, BUT this way requires modification to Windows registry file, so for security you should backup first before doing this method

The steps are as follows:
1. Open notepad
2. Copy this code:
dir% 1 / -p / o: gn> “% temp% List”
start / w notepad / p “% temp% List”
del “% temp% Listings”
3. Save the file on% WinDir% Printdir.bat (If not, save it to another directory first and then move the printdir.bat file to the Windows root directory (generally C: Windows)).
4. Close notepad and reopen the new notepad
5. Copy the following code:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@ = “none”

@ = “Print Directory Listing”

@ = “Printdir.bat “% 1 “”

“BrowserFlags” = dword: 00000008

@ = “Print Directory Listing”

@ = “Printdir.bat “% 1 “”

@ = “”

“EditFlags” = “000001d2”

6. Save the file as% UserProfile% Desktop PrintDirectoryListing.reg
7. Open the PrintDirectoryListing.reg file on the desktop
8. Done, now the print menu will be there when you right click on windows explorer.

Using Software

If both of the above are too complicated for you, then you can install software that has a special function to do that:

Now that’s the guide on how to print a list of files and directories on Windows, may be useful yes.