For those of you who often experience buffering while watching a movie using KODI, here are some solutions you can try.

With hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, there is no doubt that Kodi is a fantastic media player software. And for most users, KODI works well without any constraints.

However, there is nothing more frustrating than buying a great set of Android TV Box and installing Kodi, only to find that the movies you watch are always buffering. Ugh!


What is Buffering?

What is meant by buffering here is when the occurrence of delay in playing a movie or video that we watch through the internet network. Usually marked by scenes that suddenly stop accompanied by a circle (demon wkwkwk) that spins continuously.

Cause of Buffering on KODI

Some things can cause bufferng while playing a video or movie on Kodi, among others are:

  • The existence of interference on the server where the movie or video is stored.
  • Declining Internet speed
  • Throttling by ISP / Internet service provider.
  • There is a problem with the cache on the Kodi system, this is usually due to the Kodi cache storage has reached its maximum limit.
  • Software that has not been updated (though rare because of this)

Wait, what’s a throttle? Throttle here is the action taken by the ISP to limit your internet speed, this is usually if they feel your use is too big so that interfere with the speed of other users (especially one area with you).

Then, the cache has maximal meaning how? The point is the Kodi app has a feature of saving unplayable pieces of movies or videos into the system, so you can watch without ngelag.

If the cache is full, (usually marked with a Cache Full warning: Cache filled before reaching required amount for continuous playback) then Kodi’s internal system can no longer accommodate the movie / video snippet that will result in the buffering.

How to fix buffering on CODI?

To fix the buffering you are experiencing, of course you need to know, which cause is the source of trouble on your KODI device

What you can do include:

  • Conduct an Internet speed test to determine whether the internet speed at your place is appropriate or not. This is for memastikaqn whether throttling occurs or not.
  • Try watching different videos from different video providers. This is to ascertain whether the video provider is in trouble or not.
  • Try using other devices to watch via CODI. This is to make sure your device has a problem or not.
  • Try playing the same video or movie again later. This can be between throttling by ISPs, or video providers are being accessed so much that their speeds are declining.
  • Try playing a video while installing a VPN service. This is also to ascertain whether there is throttling or not.

After doing some of the above tests, try doing the following:

1. Increase memory allocation for cache on CODI.

This can be done by changing the configuration in the advancedsetting.xml file located in the following directory:

Operating System
File location
Android / data / org.xbmc.kodi / files / .kodi / userdata /
Start – type% APPDATA% kodi userdata – press

If not found, create your own file using notepad and save as as .xml and enter the following code:

For the above readfactor use a value of 20, assuming your device has at least 1GB of RAM memory. If not, please minimize again slightly below that. If your CODI app is under version 17.0, use readbufferfactor instead of readfactor.

For memorysize (or cachemembuffersize for KODI under version 17.0) fill it with a minimum value of 3x above your device’s RAM. To be filled with units of bytes yes not megabytes.

For buffermode with value 1 means CODI will store all its, let it settle it

2. Upgrade Internet Package

If your ISP is in trouble, you can try to replace it with another ISP, or upgrade your internet package from the same ISP

But these two are still not guaranteed, because the throttling policy may be applied by any ISP with any package, though packaged upgrades are more likely to resolve the solution because you and other users in your surrounding area have more “quota”

These are some ways you can improve buffering that occurs when playing movies or videos using KODI software.

Hopefully useful yes.