Tips on Optimizing WIFI Routers for Gamers

Tips on Optimizing WIFI Routers for Gamers

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Here are some tips on optimizing wifi routers for those of you who like playing online games either from computers, laptops, or consoles.

Sometimes the connection is fun while playing fun favorite online games will be very annoying, especially for those of you who live in the house with many other internet users, who diligently use either the computer, mobile phone, or laptop.

Want to get angry but can not, especially if they are family or close friends.


But there is a way that you can “master” the internet quota for your game needs without having to sacrifice the comfort of other internet users.

The way it is:

  • Utilizing the QoS (Quality of Service) feature on router settings
  • Using a LAN cable for connection.
  • Buy a new router with a spec.

If what you want to know is how to amplify the router signal, read the Asaljeplak article on router optimization for the public .

Let’s continue.

What is QoS on WI-FI router?

QoS (Quality of Service) is a feature provided by the router, to optimize connections on a particular port or MAC address.

To access it you need to login to the admin area of ​​the router, typically by typing the address or on the internet browser (depending on your router).

For default usernames and passwords can vary depending on router type and brand, but there are specialized websites that provide default passwords for various routers, please check here .

After logging into the admin area of ​​the router, locate the Applications and Gaming menu, and select the QoS sub menu.

For example here Asaljeplak uses the admin view of the Linksys E2500 router (it is because).


Configure QoS on WI-FI router

Next do the following steps (there are different possibilities for each router, but in general the menu should exist, if there is no means to change router hehe):


  • For WMM and No Acknowledgment settings do not need to be changed, leave on default condition
  • Select enabled on the Internet Access Priority menu to start configuring QoS.
  • For Upstream bandwidth please fill in whether auto, or manual (own contents) in Kbps or Mbps.
  • Choose whether the type of Application, Online Games, MAC Address, or Voice device.
  • In the choice of Online games are available some settings for some games, if not there please select add new game.
  • Enter the name of the game (can be filled any), then enter the port corresponding to the required game.
  • Click save settings to save.


If you do not know what port it is? Means that you need to choose not Online games, but MAC Address.

Each device has its own MAC address. To find out your MAC Address is as follows:


  • Go to Command Prompt (CMD)
  • type ipconfig / all
  • Find the physical address on the Wireless LAN Router, next to it the digits of the numbers, that’s the MAC Address of your device.


Returning to the router’s admin page, what needs to be done is:


  • Select MAC Address on the drop down menu
  • Enter any name (only alphabet or number or space)
  • Enter MAC Address
  • click Apply
  • Save the settings


Using LAN cable

Basically, to get a stable Internet connection, it is highly recommended to use LAN, as well as for online gaming needs.

Buy a LAN cable that extends from the router to your device and do not forget the cable is tidied up so as not to disturb the way the people at home.

Or you can buy a device called Powerline Adapter (please jumper) to connect the Internet connection via the power jack.

Buy a new WI-FI router with certain specifications

Of course this solution is only for you who have the budget alone yes, if without this can already play well for what a waste of money.

Suppose that you have to buy a new WIFI router, make sure do not half-hearted and has the specs as follows:

  • Wireless AC and Dual Band support
  • Features MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output)

MU-MIMO is usually only available for high-end routers that cost up to millions, and usually the router products will be embedded under the terms Smart WI-FI.

If there is no budget, just buy an Ethernet router so you can connect your computer or laptop with a LAN cable. Select a Gigabit Ethernet router for maximum connection speed.

Additionally, if this is more of a maintenance, do not forget to always reset your router once a day for example at 12 pm or 3 am, depending on the time to sleep alone so that the router remains durable.

Hopefully useful yes.


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