This time Asaljeplak will share tips on how to write web articles or blogs quickly for self-hosted WordPress users (not

For those of you who often write articles for websites, especially the bloggers who play Ads like Adsense, of course want the articles can be written quickly so you can be more productive and many are submitted to the Google search engine.


Tips this time will try to help it, especially for you whose blog or website has articles that are more or less similar like just different in some detail, for example blog themed:

  • Listicles (Top 10, top 5, top 20, etc.)
  • Review gadgets, movies, games, or specific products


If you are using CMS WordPress must be familiar with installing plugin, right?

For the needs of writing articles quickly there are only 2 plugins that you need, namely:

  • TinyMCE Advance
  • TinyMCE Templates
  • Please search the plugin repository in your Admin page by accessing the Plugin> Add New menu, then install and activate both plugins.

    How To Use It?

    After the two plugins are active, locate the menu labeled Templates on the left and choose Add New or Add New.

    Now start writing the template that you will use for your articles, make your best possible and keep the proportions not too much compared to the original content later.

    What does this mean?

    So gini, Template here later we will insert in every article we will make, so later in each article we will only change the name of product / film / list in accordance with the title of the article and change its review or the contents of his article.

    Sample Template

    For example, suppose you create a review article about gadgets, the template is more or less like this (without the quotes):

    "Following Asaljeplak provide a review of the latest XXXX smartphone output that YYYY has just released on 1111.

    Previously, let's peek this YYYY specification first:

    Processor: Snapdragon
    Ram / Memory: 2GB
    Screen Dimensions: so many
    Camera: 300MP
    Storage memory: 64GB
    Storage Cards: MicroSD up to 128GB
    and so on …

    This YYYY Smartphone ………… (fill with review)

    Well so the reviews from Asaljeplak for YYYY smartphone output XXXX, hopefully can help you in choosing the right smartphone yes. "

    Notice above there are some that I replace by using XXXX, YYYY. 1111, it was deliberately written so. Why?

    To know the reason let's continue.

    Use of Templates on Articles

    Once the template is saved, then you can start creating a new article. And if you have not installed the TinyMce Advance plugin before, then you will notice that now the page view of article writing becomes more complete.

    Locate and click on the Insert Template button that is in alignment with add new media / add media until you open a popup containing the template you created.

    Click again on the blue Insert template button to insert the template into the WordPress article writing page.

    Easy right? Is this enough?

    Not yet. There is one more trick and this is the point of installing TinyMCE Advance as well as slipping codes like XXXX, YYYY, 1111 in the template above.

    Use of Find and Replace feature

    Now for example you see an example template that Asaljeplak gives above, XXXX is the name of the smartphone manufacturer, and there are several times used the code in the template.

    Now highlight XXXX with the mouse, then choose Edit menu> Find and Replace or the Indonesian language is Find and Replace located at the bottom.

    Later in the Find or Discover column will be listed XXXX, and fill in Replace / Replace field with the smartphone manufacturer name, then select the Find button and then select the Substitute All button to replace the entire word XXXX to smartphone manufacturer name

    Simple right?

    This would be very useful if there are many uses of XXXX or YYYY or any other in a template, so the work of writing articles will be easier.

    Will it be considered duplicate content by Adsense ?

    Of course there is a possibility like that, so above I have mentioned to be careful of the proportion of sentence ratios in the template with the original content.

    Use your creativity alone in assembling blog templates so you can find the best formulas for using those templates.

    Hopefully useful.