The Origin of the term Outbound –

The Origin of the term Outbound –


For someone who is struggling in the field of HRD and event organizer, of course the term OUTBOUND is not a stranger to the ear.

What is meant here is not OUTBOUND flight as it is commonly found or spoken for traveling fans, but it is an activity (usually out of town or outdoors), whose purpose is to build the cohesiveness and intimacy among the participants conducted organization or company for its employees.

For some who argue that the OUTBOUND was correctly written as OUTBOND, it has the following reasons:


"This activity is to increase the kinship and intimacy among the participants, aka BONDING if in English, and this activity is usually done outdoors aka OUTDOOR, that is true OUTBOND aka OUTDOOR BONDING dong?"

Well, that's logic too.


But, the truth is that which is it anyway?

Eventually Asaljeplak decided to conduct research through the mug of Gugel, and eventually Asaljeplak found several articles explaining that the true one was OUTBOUND.

Ah time? Yes seriously

Come on yeah? Not suer.

First Asaljeplak will first discuss a bit of Outbound history.

Outbound is thought to be an abbreviation of "Outward Bound", an organization in the English state that was initiated by someone named Kurt Matthias Robert Martin Hahn.

Around 1941, Lawrence Holt, the son of a Blue Shipping expedition ship owner, was in search of finding the right person to train his crew.

Finally Holt met with James Hogan, one of the supervisors at Gordonstoun School, and recounted his complaints about the ability of the young sailors' Survive on his ship, which was more often victimized during the crash than the old sailors.

James Hogan also assured Holt that the program developed by Kurt Hahn is suitable to apply to young sailors. This is the forerunner of the school "Outward Bound". Outward Bound itself is taken from the term of voyage, as a ship begins to lift anchor and ready to leave the dock to the open sea.

The initial aim of this organization was to train young sailors to survive in the rigors of the ocean, by teaching self-confidence, endurance, perseverance, and providing experience in the face of difficult conditions.

The organization founded its first school in 1941 in Aberdovey, Wales, and to date there are 9 schools in the United Kingdom, 11 schools in the United States, and in various parts of the world including Indonesia, established in 1990 by Mr. Djoko Kusumawidagdo around the Jatiluhur reservoir site.

So why is the popular term in Indonesia "Outbound" and not "Outward Bound"?

The possibility is 2, the first is the name "Outward Bound" is an extension to the tongue of the Indonesian people so more often abbreviated to Otbon, Outbound, or Outbound.

While the second possibility is due to the "Outbound Management Training" program initiated by Mr. Taufik Bahaudin in 1992 which then made the term Outbound or Otbon become popular.

Well, how about? Is it clear? Hopefully I've done it.


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