Signs of a person suffering from TBC (Tuberculosis / Tuberculosis)

Signs of a person suffering from TBC (Tuberculosis / Tuberculosis)


Back again in the series of psychology and health, this time Asaljeplak will discuss the definition, symptoms, causes, and alternative therapy and treatment for those with tuberculosis or tuberculosis.

What is TB?

Tuberculosis is a disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium Tuberculosis that usually infects the human lungs, and sometimes other areas of the body such as the nerve center, spleen, or bone and joints.

This disease has been proven to be transmitted through the air, and also as a lethal one so it should be dealt with immediately if symptoms are already present.


What are the symptoms that show a person suffering from tuberculosis?

A person suffering from Tuberculosis in the lung area will usually exhibit symptoms such as:

– Chest discomfort
– Cough with phlegm and sometimes blood
– Fever
– Shivering
– Lack of appetite causing weight loss
– Sweating at night
] – Easily tired

If the Tuberculosis bacteria invade the area outside the lungs then the symptoms will vary, depending on which area of ​​the bacterial infection

Why can someone suffer from tuberculosis?

As previously noted, the disease is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium Tuberculosis which breed every 16-20 hours. These bacteria are resistant to mild disinfectants and can live in dry areas, and can only live in other organisms.

These bacteria spread through the air, either at the time of coughing, sneezing, talking, spitting, or when singing. People who are around the patient have a 22% infectious risk, and those who suffer from a type of HIV disease that attacks the immune system will have about 30% risk to get infected.

Those who smoke, consume alcohol, and develop diseases such as diabetes will be more vulnerable to contracting the disease.

Some other groups of people who also have high infected probabilities include:

– Those who are young or elderly
– Living in a crowded environment
– Unhealthy
– Having an irregular diet or an unhealthy lifestyle

How to treat someone suffering from tuberculosis?

As a precautionary measure, one can injected Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine at an early age to reduce the risk of infection by 20%.

For those already infected, treatment will take months because of the difficulty of destroying Mycobacterium Tuberculosis bacteria, and for chronic sufferers sometimes requiring chemotherapy.

Drugs given at the time of chemotherapy are usually antibiotic types such as:
1. Aminoglycosides
2. Fluoroquinolones
3. Polypeptides
4. Thioamides
5. cycloserine
6. p-aminosalicylic acid

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