In this video article, Asaljeplak will explain everything related to psychiatric disorders Borderline Personality Disorder aka BPD.

Back again in the series of psychology and health, this time Asaljeplak will discuss the definition, symptoms, causes, and alternative therapy and treatment for those with BPD alias Borderline Personality Disorder


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What is BPD?

"Borderline personality disorder" is a type of Personality Disorder aka personality deviation which is usually indicated by changes in mood or mood swing is very fast and extreme, the behavior is impulsive, and generally have a history of having an unhealthy relationship or unstable with others .

This deviation is practically similar to the Bipolar Disorder that has been discussed in the last Asaljeplak video, but has some differences.

What are the symptoms that show a person suffering from BPD?

People with BPD will have different symptoms between the sufferers, and usually this deviation will be more likely to be found in women than men.

Some of the symptoms that exist in a BPD sufferer are as follows:

  • Has a fairly extreme self-view, such as a low level of self-confidence and a lack of self-respect
  • Fear of solitude, and fear of being abandoned by friends, family or loved ones.
  • Feeling isolated, often bored, feeling "hollow".
  • Difficult to feel empathy over the feelings of others.
  • Has an extreme emotional reaction when such fears occur or are perceived to happen (aka paranoid).
  • The mood changes every time in a relatively short span.
  • Easily anxious, worried, and depressed
  • Easily hate and do something cruel to others
  • Has no clear life plan.

Many people experience one or more of these symptoms daily, but who suffer from BPD will feel the symptoms consistently throughout his life.

One of the irony of this disorder is that people with BPD may crave closeness with others, but their extreme and unstable emotional responses tend to keep others away, thus causing feelings of isolation.

Seeing these symptoms, certainly makes us ask,

Why can someone suffer from BPD?

Experts to date have not yet come to an agreement on the cause of someone suffering from BPD, but there are several possibilities that can cause this psychiatric illness.

Genetic Factor

Some evidence suggests that BPD may be caused by genetic factors, which is likely to be given this diagnosis if a person in his or her family also suffers from it.

Trauma and Environmental Factor

Past traumatic experiences, especially in childhood are also thought to lead to BPD. Some of the incidents that depressed people in their childhood such as violence given by their parents, or loss of parents, and other traumatic experiences.

How to treat someone suffering from BPD?

For sufferers experiencing symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder, it is recommended to immediately visit the Psychiatrist for consultation.

Several self-administered ways that can quite ease the pressure felt when BPD symptoms appear are as follows:

  • When you feel an explosive emotion, try to do these things:
    • Ripped off paper or newspaper
    • Hit the pillow
    • Throw ice cubes to the floor until the ice cubes break
    • Sport
    • Listening to loud music such as metal or rock
    • Performing activities such as gardening, or cleaning a house
  • When feeling depressed, sad, lonely, try to do these things:
    • Watching favorite TV shows while wearing thick blankets
    • Write down the feeling that is being felt on the paper, and then shredded the paper
    • Listening to the music that is exciting
  • When feeling panicky or tense, try doing the following:
    • Drinking and enjoying a cup of tea or warm chocolate
    • Breathe deeply and breathe a few times
    • Bath or soak in warm water
  • When thinking of hurting yourself, try to do the following:
    • Apply ice cubes in areas of the body you want to hurt
    • Paste duct tape or thick masking tape in hand then pull quickly
    • Cold bath water
  • Well there are some things about BPD for you to know. If any of your relatives or family members you think are suffering from this, you should be careful in dealing with or taking action, and try to consult an expert first before taking any further action.

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