If you are preparing a holiday to Southeast Sulawesi, do not forget to visit the 10 most popular Tourist Places yes.

For fans of tourism who are planning to vacation to Southeast Sulawesi, do not forget to time to visit these 10 places deh, guaranteed not going nyesel.


1. Pulau Labengki


The island, dubbed the miniature Raja Ampat offers a beauty that is not less than the comparison. Labengki Island is located in North Konawe District.

Labengki Island can be reached from Kendari City, the Capital of Southeast Sulawesi Province, you can go by road about 1 hour to Toli-Toli area of ​​Konawe Regency. From Toli-Toli, continue the journey by boat approximately 3 hours drive to arrive at Labengki Island.

2. Bokori Island


The island is located in the middle of the sea is very charming. There are two ways that can be taken to get to the island of Bokori. First, using sea transportation from Kendari Port directly to this island. Both use ground transportation from Kendari to Bajo Tribal Village.

From the city center only takes about 30 minutes to reach the village of Bajo Tribe. Here many locals provide inter services to Bokori Island. The tariff was fairly cheap. Simply by spending Rp 30,000 per person, you've got a shuttle service.

3. Tourism Village of Namu


This beautiful Tourism Village can be achieved in 2 ways:

  • The land route, from kendari you can go directly to the port of Amolengo in kec. East Kolono. with a distance of 93 KM, for 2 Hours. proceed to the tourist village namu using fishing boats. travel time approximately 30 minutes.
  • Sea line, from kendari you can go directly to the port of the people who are in the old city, there you can ask the ship that goes to Laonti line. travel time for 4 hours with a distance of 70 KM.
    from both alternatives above, you can choose according to physical ability and time management efficient.
  • 4. Meleura Beach


    The beach is located in Lohia, Muna Regency is very exotic and charming.

    White sand and clear water and shallow enough, you can play as much as possible in it. In addition, the waves were safe and calm.

    5. Hoga Island


    Hoga Island is one of the islands in the cluster of iron archipelago Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi province, Indonesia, which is also the most beautiful underwater island in the World. The island is located east of Kaledupa Island.

    6. Lambusango Forest


    The Lambusango Forest is the last bastion of Bioregion Wallacea biodiversity. Wallacea is a unique region of the world, a mixture of plants and animals from Asia and Australia.

    In this jungle we can see how Asian monkeys like Andoke (Macaca ochreata brunescens) share forest dwellings with cuscus (Ailurops ursinus), mammalian pockets commonly found in Australia. The Lambusango forest has 21 vertebrate animals (fish, frogs, small mammals, bats, even primates) that exist only on the island of Buton alone.

    Observation of hornbills, monkeys, tarsiers, and even anoa more easily found in Kab. Buton than any other area in Bioregion Wallacea. Noted there are about 120 species of birds found in this forest, 36 species of which are endemic to Sulawesi.

    This intact forest is located in the heart of Buton Island, where the entire catchment area of ​​the rivers running south is in this forest.

    7. Buton palace fortress


    Buton palace fortress is one of the historic attractions in Bau-bau, Southeast Sulawesi. This fort is the former capital of the Buton Sultanate which has a unique architectural form, made of limestone / mountain.

    8. Tangkeno Tourism Village

    source: detikTravel

    Tangkeno Tourist Village Located on Kabaena Island, Bombana District, Southeast Sulawesi. In nobatkan as tourist village make Tangkeno as tourism icon Bombana Regency.

    To get to Tangkeno Village trip from Provincial Capital takes 3 hours by four-wheeled vehicles, upon arrival at the port of Kasipute Bombana Regency can continue the journey by boat for 4 hours and travel more or less 45 minutes with four-wheeled vehicles / two wheels you will arrived at Tangkeno Tourism Village.

    Wealth of Natural Enchantment, uniqueness of customs and culture in yakini able to attract and spoil the eyes of tourists who come to the Village which is also known as the Country in this Cloud. The Mountain Climb which is the second highest peak in Southeast Sulawesi offers breathtaking views of nature and sunsets to be enjoyed by travelers.

    Variety of cultural heritage has also become one of the alluring attraction of this village, Two Dutch Dutch colony defenses with an altitude location also has stunning natural scenery capable of making this village become one of the leading tourist destinations.

    9. Mangrove Forest


    Mangrove Forest located in Kendari City presents a charming forest tour. Especially if you want to enjoy the breeze in the middle of mangrove forest with the atmosphere so neat and modern. In addition, people can enjoy the beautiful blue sea that stretches in the bay of Kendari

    10. Tamborasi Baths


    Tamborasi River is a very short river, only 20 meters long and 15 meters wide.

    With this measure the Tamborasi River is recorded as the second shortest river after the Reprua River in Georgia with a length of 18 meters. This river has a very stunning beauty unlike most rivers that are often encountered.

    Thus 10 Most Popular Places in Southeast Sulawesi that you can visit while on vacation to the area.

    Hopefully tips from us help ya.