2 Powerful Ways to Delete Background Photos with Coreldraw

2 Powerful Ways to Delete Background Photos with Coreldraw


In this video guide Asaljeplak will share about 2 ways to delete background photos using Coreldraw.

In this example, CorelDraw 2017 is used, although this method is more or less the same for some other coreldraw versions like coreldraw x7, x6, x8, etc.

The 2 ways in question here are using the features:
– Magic Wand Mask
– Lab Cutout


both runs will open Corel Photo Paint, so please do not make sure Corel Photopaint is installed.

There is one more way to be dealt with here using the Eraser eraser feature in CorelDraw, but here it is only used to tidy up rather than delete the entire background.

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How to Remove Background Photos Using Coreldraw with Magic Wand

The short guide to removing background photography using Magic Wand feature in CorelDraw is as follows:

  • Enter / Import / Drag and Drop the image you want to edit in CorelDraw
  • Click on the image then select Image menu and select Convert to Bitmap
  • Next make sure the selected image alias you have clicked, then select Edit menu Bitmap
  • Later Corel Photo Paint will open
  • Select the icon on the left that resembles a magic wand called "Magic Wand Mask" (this one menu with mask menu laiinnya.
  • Click on the Background you want to remove.
  • If there is an area that has not been exposed to Wand effect, click on the + button with green circle, then click again on the background that has not been affected by the magic wand effect
  • After all the background is gone, press DEL / DELETE on the keyboard or Ctrl + X.
  • Later the background will be lost,
  • Click Save through the File menu> Save or on the diskette icon.
  • Return to Coreldraw to see results.
  • The method of removing the photo background with Magic Wand is best done if the image you want to edit has a high resolution and does not break.

    If you do not have a good quality picture it will be rather difficult to use this feature because it removes all the same colors in the background, while bad quality images will have many colors due to pixel rupture.

    But do not worry because you can still try the second method

    How to Remove Background Photos Using Coreldraw with Lab Cutout

    Steps to remove the background image with Lab Cutout feature are as follows:

  • Insert the image into Coreldraw
  • click the image, then select Edit Bitmap
  • Later so open Photo Paint, select the Image menu> Lab Cutout the top.
  • Set the size of the marker circle in the column titled Nibs
  • Mark the part around the object you want to take and remove the background
  • When done, click on the paint can icon
  • Click on the photo object you have marked
  • Click the Preview button in the bottom left to see the results
  • If it is appropriate, click OK
  • Next click Save and return to CorelDraw to see the results.
  • Thus are 2 easy ways to delete background photos using CorelDraw (and Photo Paint).

    Hopefully this tutorial can be helpful and useful.


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