Here Asaljeplak will give you 7 tips and powerful tips in overcoming the data packets are slow so you will more smoothly using the internet.

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow mobile data plan connection. Whether to just googling something or status updates on Facebook and Instagram, of course we hope the price we have paid is not a waste ..


In many cases, slow connections are only temporary, caused by location or network jams. Although it can sometimes last for hours or even days.

Before contacting the operator while getting angry, you can try these 7 tips to see if you can fix the problem of slow data packets.

1. Restart Your Own Phone

The first simple solution is to restart your phone, especially if you have never shut down or restart for a long time. This is the most common way to deal with packet data connections that are slow,

2. Moving Location

The location factor on the packet data connection is the same as the data packet capture and transmit signals. so if you move to find a location that is stronger signal will certainly speed up the data packet connection so it will not slow again.

3. Turn Off or Update Apps

Sometimes there are some problematic apps that can consume your data packet so that when you use for other things it will feel slow. Please check on Settings or Settings to see which apps take up a lot of data packets, and turn them off or try to update the app to the latest version.

4. Turn off VPN

Using a VPN app or browser that provides VPN features like Opera Mini is likely to slow down your data packet connection.

Because the VPN is delivering and receiving data you want to access on the internet through other locations that will automatically slow down the data speed flow, so you can try to turn off to test whether it is because the VPN or not that causes your data packet connection is slow.

5. Find out if there is Network Damage or not

Sometimes the connection problem Package data is slow instead of coming from the operator that we use, but from server where the app is stored.

Network Disorder on the server where the application will certainly cause the application will be difficult to access or even not accessible.

You can try the site to find out whether favorite applications like Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Google, etc are experiencing network intrusion or not.

6. Reset Network Settings

You can also reset network settings in Settings menu> General> Reset> Reset Network Settings (Or something like, sometimes in the System> Reset menu).

This concept is actually similar to restarting the phone, and in some cases can solve the problem of slow data packets. It is also advisable to reset WIFI and Bluietooth connections, or when data packets turn on just turn off their WIFI.

7. Remove Simcard

The last tip you can try is to remove and reinsert Simcard. Before doing this, make sure your phone is turned off first yes, and try to remove the simcard in the flat to avoid falling or tucked simcard.

Actually there is also the possibility that your SImcard problem, so if all the way you do but the data packet connection is still slow, the last way is to contact or go to the Customer Service of the operator you use to replace the simcard.

Thus the 7 tips that you can try to solve the problem of slow data packet connection. Hopefully these tips can help you.