In this video guide Asaljeplak will explain how to create and add watermarks in Microsoft Excel.

What is Watermark?

By definition, Waternark is an image or pattern identifier in a paper that appears in various shades of light / dark when viewed by transmitted light (or when viewed by reflected light, above a dark background), caused by variations in thickness or density on paper .


Watermarks have been used on stamps, currencies, and other government documents to prevent counterfeiting. There are two main ways of generating watermarks on paper; dandy roll process, and more complex cylinder mold process.

In today's digital age, Watermark is not only used in physical documents such as paper, but is also commonly used in online media such as photos uploaded on the internet or in PDF, MS Word, and MS Excel documents.

MS Word itself is a common application used to create documents, so adding watermarks to Word has become a common feature. But what about Excel?

How to Add Watermark to Excel

The following will specify how to create and add a Watermark to the document you created with Microsoft Excel so you do not have to bother moving it to MS Word or with Photoshop.

Hopefully the above guide video is clear enough for you who want to add Watermark to Excel.